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Zaza of Canada

Purple crystal buttons

Purple crystal buttons

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Sew in Style with these Unique Purple Crystal Buttons!

Adding a bit of sparkle to your projects has never been easier with these purple crystal buttons! Perfect for creating beautiful, handmade garments such as dresses, skirts and blouses. Give your creative projects the finishing touch they deserve and add that special shimmer today. Pick up yours now and make your sewing stand out from the rest.

- Quantity: 5 buttons.

- Diemeter: 30 mm | 1 in.
- The shank button bases of these buttons are exclusively designed for the rhinestones, so the buttons and rhinestones could match perfectly.
- The base of the button is plastic.
- Made from acrylic in Taiwan. The acrylic buttons are harder than the resin buttons, they have also high quality, and they don't change color.
- Very lightweight.

- These purple buttons can be recycled; they are thermoplastic.

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after receiving payment - barring exceptional situations.

Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)

Happy sewing with this lovely lot of purple crystal buttons!

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