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Pomegranate fruit Charms - Set of 5

Pomegranate fruit Charms - Set of 5

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Embrace Versatility and Whimsy with Our Handcrafted Pomegranate Charms

Dimensions & Quantity: Each charm measures 20mm in diameter and comes in a delightful set of 5.

Multifunctional Use: Designed to add a touch of charm to your bracelets, necklaces, and beyond. These versatile pomegranate charms are perfect for adorning purse zippers, threading onto earring hoops, jazzing up shoelaces, or even creating unique fruit salad-themed jewelry.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: Made with high-quality resin, each charm is carefully crafted to ensure detailed and vibrant representations of pomegranates.

Perfect for Gifting: Packaged with care, these charms make an excellent gift for jewelry makers, craft enthusiasts, or anyone who loves unique, cute accessories.

Elevate your craft projects and accessories with our adorable pomegranate charms.

Whether you're designing your own jewelry or enhancing your everyday items, these charms bring a bright, cheerful touch to any piece.

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