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Orange Flower Resin Buttons

Orange Flower Resin Buttons

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Get ready to sprinkle some floral magic into your sewing and crafting game with our orange flower resin buttons! This set of 5 eye-catching decorative buttons is your ticket to instant cool vibes and fun DIY adventures.

These decorative buttons are crafted from large orange resin cabochons shaped like dahlias, featuring a shank at the back. Despite their substantial size, these whimsical buttons are surprisingly lightweight, weighing no more than 12 grams. What captivates me about these buttons is the intricate detailing of the petals, resembling miniature sculptures. They give off a pom-pom-like vibe, adding a playful touch to any project.


You will receive 5 flower shaped buttons:
Color: Orange, almost pink.

25 mm, 1 inch




Now, let your imagination run wild with charming ideas for these flower buttons. Here are the first five ideas that come to mind:

Gift Box Decoration: Enhance the ribbons on your gifts by adorning them with these buttons.

Napkin Ring Embellishments: Simply sew these buttons onto velvet ribbons and wrap them around your napkins for a stylish touch.

Curtain Embellishments: Sew the buttons onto curtain tassels for a whimsical and eye-catching curtain accessory.

Bracelet Crafting: Hang these buttons on a chain to create a unique and stylish bracelet.

Indoor Garland Decoration: Combine these buttons with silk flowers to create a delightful indoor garland or use them as table decorations.

These orange flower resin buttons are not just accessories; they're versatile pieces ready to add a touch of charm to your creative projects. The possibilities are endless!

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