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Olive green round sewing buttons with a shank

Olive green round sewing buttons with a shank

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!Ten olive green round sewing buttons with a shank.

For crafts and sewing on coats and dresses.

You will receive ten buttons:
- Diameter: 20 mm
- Made from resin and metal.
- Possible use ideas for these cute green buttons:

Garden-Inspired Dress Embellishment:

Use the round green buttons to create a whimsical garden scene on a plain dress. Sew the buttons in clusters to represent flowers and vines.
Colorful Caterpillar on Kids' Coats:

Arrange the green buttons in a curved line on kids' coats to resemble a playful caterpillar. Add small googly eyes for a fun touch.
Olive Green Polka Dot Patchwork:

Create a patchwork effect on denim jackets or dresses by sewing the green buttons in a scattered polka dot pattern. Mix in smaller buttons of different shades for added visual interest.
Button Rainbow Scarf:

Knit a scarf and attach the round green buttons in the shape of a rainbow. Add other colored buttons to represent different segments of the rainbow.
Funky Button Brooches:

Turn the buttons into unique brooches by attaching them to small pieces of felt. Mix and match other button colors and sizes for a playful, eclectic look.
Whimsical Button Snowflakes:

Create snowflake shapes on winter coats by arranging the green buttons in a radial pattern. Add small silver or white buttons as accents.
Button Bouquet on Hats:

Sew the buttons like a flower bouquet on the brim of hats. Combine various shades of green buttons to mimic different types of leaves.
Button-Inspired Knitted Pillow Covers:

Knit pillow covers and sew on the green buttons in a random or geometric pattern to create a vibrant and tactile design.
Patched Elbow Accents:

Revamp plain sweaters by adding patches of green buttons to the elbows. This adds a touch of color and playful detailing.
Button Charm Bracelet:

Turn the buttons into charms for a bracelet. Attach them to a chain with small jump rings, and mix in other charms like miniature knitting needles, scissors, and yarn balls.

Thank you for exploring these cute olive green buttons with shank!

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