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Zaza of Canada

Light purple metal flower buttons

Light purple metal flower buttons

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This is a lot of 5 light purple metal flower buttons.

I adore these small button-like flowers for their slightly irregular shapes, creating a somewhat vintage-retro look. I also appreciate the pastel and lavender color. They are almost pink. It's a refreshing color that works perfectly in any season. In their center, they feature a white rhinestone. The back of these decorative buttons is golden-colored, with a small magnifying glass where you can easily and quickly thread your needle around the center stone. There are tiny pistils in the same light purple color. I can envision these cute buttons sewn onto a whimsical coin purse or a pouch for holding jewelry. They would look adorable on small linen bags. These decorative buttons will always have an incredible effect and allow you to create reasonably priced gifts. You can also use them to craft bracelets, of course: you can attach them to a metal chain or even a simple vintage chain that you can find in a thrift store. This, too, will make for a delightful gift and will cost you a maximum of $20.

You will receive 5 decorative buttons.
20 mm x 25 mm ( approx )
With a shank.
Colors: light purple ( lavender) and white
Finish: Glossy, sparkly
Handmade in Canada

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after receiving payment - barring exceptional situations.

Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)

Happy creating with this adorable set of 5 metal flower buttons.

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