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Zaza of Canada

Large Coco-inspired Camelia button

Large Coco-inspired Camelia button

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta $24.53 CAD
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One large Coco-inspired Camelia button.

This button is a simple and inexpensive way to add a classic and chic touch to your creations or radically change an outdated garment into a real fashion statement.
It could be a gorgeous embellishment on a hat or a belt or on a bridal bouquet.

You will receive one button:

­• Diameter 1 3/4 in. | 45 mm
• Thickness: 15 mm
• Weight: 0.033 grams

• White and black.
• Made from enameled metal

• Possible use: white coat buttons for fancy suits or blazers, decoration for brooch bouquets, button wall hanging, wall key hanger embellishments, wedding decoration...


Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after payment has been received - barring exceptional situations.

Thank you for exploring this lovely and large Coco-inspired camelia buttons.

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