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Zaza of Canada

Green Flower Decorative Buttons

Green Flower Decorative Buttons

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Are you looking for a cute way to embellish your creation? Consider incorporating these flower decorative buttons into your designs. These fancy buttons, with their intricate details and lovely green and blue colors, are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm. Whether you are making bracelets or creating unique clothing accents, these shiny and stylish buttons will surely make a statement.

You will receive a lot of 5
- With a shank
- Gold color back.
- Flower-shaped
- Made from painted metal and vintage and new rhinestones.
- Shiny finish
- Lightweight
- Good for making clasps and closures. Ideal to use as an embellishment on a collar, bag, hat, or belt.
- These are decorative buttons only: please no washing machine or hand wash. They are jewel buttons.

Happy sewing with these handmade and green flower-shaped decorative buttons!

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