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Zaza of Canada

Green Crescent Moon Buttons

Green Crescent Moon Buttons

Normaalihinta $10.00 CAD
Normaalihinta Alennushinta $10.00 CAD
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Adorn your festive, jewelry, crafts and accessories with our Vintage Inspired Green Crescent Moon Buttons.
This set of six 10mm buttons is perfect for adding a unique touch to Christmas ornaments, handbags, and even your stylish pumps. Crafted to capture the mystique of the crescent moon, these buttons are ideal for those who love celestial themes in their designs.

Made with vintage glass cabochons and brass shanks made in the USA.

🌙 Perfect for DIY enthusiasts and professional designers.
🌙 Crafted with precision, ensuring each button is of the highest quality.
🌙 A versatile addition to any festive decoration or fashion project.
🌙 Easy to sew on with a shank-back design for secure fastening.


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