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Flower-shaped decorative snaps

Flower-shaped decorative snaps

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Style up your accessories with these flower-shaped decorative snaps!

These flower-shaped decorative snaps are perfect for upgrading any accessory instantly. With an eye-catching pearl design and 18 mm size, they're sure to add a touch of glamour and elegance to your look. 

Featuring a gorgeous pearl design, these flower-shaped buttons will surely make your jewelry, keychain, wristband bracelet, wallet, purse or pouch look unique and elegant.

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You will receive five snaps.
Style: Snaps
Size: 18 mm
Color: Blue, silver-colored, and white.
With a faux pearl in the center.
Floral shape

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Snap up these fashion must-haves now - you won't regret it! Fall in love with these flower-shaped buttons!

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