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Fancy Crystal Glass Fasteners

Fancy Crystal Glass Fasteners

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Check out these sparkly crystal glass fasteners! They come in a pack of five and are awesome for adding some sparkle to your clothes or special occasion gear. With a shank that makes sewing a breeze, these 38x35 mm buttons are a snap to attach to any outfit or craft. Great for making a plain outfit pop or for giving a little extra shine to your day-to-day wear, these buttons are all about adding that fancy touch.

Picture them on an old sweater, making it look new again, or on a stylish purse to bring some glam to your night out. The shank design makes sewing them on a piece of cake, so you can let your creativity run wild. Whether you're upcycling old clothes or designing something new and fancy, these buttons mix style with practicality. Perfect for anyone who loves sewing or wants to add a designer touch to their look, these crystal buttons are your ticket to a fancy, high-quality style.

What you get:
- 5 glass buttons
- Size: 38x35 mm
- Colors: White, Lime Green, Forest Green, Purple, Red, Pink, Beige, and more...
- With a shank for easy sewing
- Finishes: Matte and Shiny

Turn your clothing into something special with these vibrant crystal glass fasteners! They're a great pick for anyone into luxury jewelry making, high-end fashion, deluxe crafting, or just looking to add some elegant, bespoke touches to their projects or wardrobe.

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