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Eye-catching vintage enamel flower brooch

Eye-catching vintage enamel flower brooch

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One eye-catching vintage enamel flower brooch.

This lovely vintage white brooch is filled with intricate details, making it truly special. It is composed of two identical flowers with matte white petals delicately bordered in gold. The center of each flower features a matte-colored ball and tiny blue teal rhinestones. The flower stem is gold, the leaves are pale green, and the stems are adorned with small white balls, resembling a lily of the valley branch. The back of the brooch is gold, and the clasp is in perfect condition. This jewelry is the ideal gift for any occasion and will be greatly appreciated by someone who loves vintage brooches. There are many creative ways to wear this flower brooch; I'll provide some examples here.

Elegant Scarf Accent:
Pin the vintage flower brooch on the side of an elegant silk scarf. This not only adds a touch of vintage charm but also serves as a unique scarf accessory.

Classic Lapel Statement:
Adorn your blazer or coat lapel with the vintage flower brooch for a classic and sophisticated statement. This timeless placement brings attention to the intricate details of the pin.
Retro-Inspired Hat Decoration:

Pin the brooch onto a retro-inspired hat for a whimsical and eye-catching accessory. Whether it's a beret or a wide-brimmed hat, the vintage flower adds a touch of nostalgia and style.
Dress Waist Accent:

Use the brooch as a decorative accent on the waist of a dress. This placement draws attention to the waistline, creating a vintage-inspired, feminine silhouette.

You will receive one vintage brooch:
Vintage 60s, from the USA
Colors: White, gold-colored, teal blue and green.
9 g
60x40 mm

Thank you for exploring this vintage flower pin brooch.

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