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Zaza of Canada

Extra Large Flower Brooch Pin

Extra Large Flower Brooch Pin

Normaalihinta $19.00 CAD
Normaalihinta Alennushinta $19.00 CAD
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Explore the unique charm of this extra large flower brooch pin, featuring meticulously crafted acrylic petals in a stunning two-layer pansy design. The first layer boasts an olive green hue, while the second layer shines in light brown, creating a delightful contrast. At the center, three matte black pearls add a touch of sophistication with their subtle luster, set against the glossy finish of the petals.

  • Extra large flower brooch measuring 80x90 mm
  • Olive green and light brown acrylic petals in a beautiful pansy design
  • Center embellished with three matte black pearls for an elegant contrast
  • Petals and pearls connected with metal wires, allowing dynamic movement
  • Sturdy golden metal back pin ensures secure attachment
  • An excellent accessory for both spring warmth and autumn elegance
  • Perfect gift for Mother's Day or anyone who adores flowers and nature

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