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Elegant pastel-colored glass button

Elegant pastel-colored glass button

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This elegant pastel-colored glass button is the perfect accessory for a summer wardrobe.

This fancy button showcases a unique and attention-grabbing shape that adds an element of elegance to any garment it adorns. Carefully handcrafted, every stone has been meticulously chosen to complement one another in this artisanal piece.

The color palette of this button is truly delightful, boasting shades of pink, red, white, blue, and even a touch of yellow. The central stone takes center stage with its wide, round shape and a delicate pale yellow hue that borders on being almost white. It exudes a gentle warmth that will effortlessly enhance any outfit.

With its shank and metal base, this button offers practicality and durability. Sewn onto any fabric or garment, it provides a secure fastening while ensuring the longevity of your clothing.

Ideal for both casual and formal attire, this Czech glass fancy button is versatile enough to complement various styles or occasions. Whether adding flair to a feminine blouse or accentuating the neckline of a chic dress, it adds an instant touch of sophistication to any ensemble.

You will receive one button.
30 mm
Primary colors: Pink, white, royal blue, dark blue, and red.
With a metal shank

Pamper yourself or gift someone special with this eye-catching glass button!


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