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Decorative Glass Flower Buttons

Decorative Glass Flower Buttons

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Discover our charming decorative glass buttons, ideal for adding a splash of elegance to your sewing projects or creating fancy jewelry.


These fancy buttons, featuring lovely flower designs, come from the Czech Republic and are crafted from exquisite bohemian glass, including milky and clear glass cabochons, set in metal. Available in a palette of colors like blue, green, orange, and red, these buttons can easily be transformed into unique cabochons by removing the shanks, perfect for attaching to rings or bracelets.

These brand-new buttons carry the legacy of traditional Czech glassmaking, offering a blend of artisanal charm and modern flair. With a size of 30x30 mm, they're just the right touch for enhancing dresses, accessories, or home decor with a hint of luxury.

Whether you're a sewing enthusiast, a fan of handmade buttons, or a jewelry maker looking for that special element, these buttons are your gateway to high-end fashion and deluxe crafting. They're not just buttons; they're bespoke embellishments that infuse your projects with elegant details and artisanal quality.

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