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Blue fancy crystal buttons

Blue fancy crystal buttons

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Dive into your creative world with this set of five dazzling blue fancy crystal buttons, perfect for adding a sparkle to your sewing projects or jazzing up your outfits.
Whether you're embellishing hats, belts, or clothes, these glass buttons are your go-to for that extra touch of glam!

What's Cool About These Jeweled Buttons?

Size Matters: You're getting five big 38 mm glass buttons – they're sure to stand out!
Handcrafted Perfection: Made in the Czech Republic, these buttons are crafted using a time-honored technique, giving you a piece of history and quality.
Color Splash: They come in lovely shades of light blue, white, and a hint of pink and orange, adding a pop of color to your creations.
Vintage Vibes: With an antique style and made from antique metal combined with bohemian Czech glass, these buttons add a classic touch to any item.
Versatility at Its Best: Not just for sewing! Remove the shanks to transform them into cabochons for unique jewelry pieces. Ideal for embellishing table decors, making statement jewelry, or adding flair to your home decorations and wedding ornaments.

Unleash your creativity and add a dash of elegance with these exquisite buttons. Happy creating!


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