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Cherry Design Ornate Buttons

Cherry Design Ornate Buttons

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Add a splash of whimsy to your creative projects with these charming pastel purple cherry design ornate buttons!

Crafted from durable resin in a delightful rounded square shape, these buttons are perfect for a variety of uses beyond just sewing. Whether you're designing jewelry, enhancing home decor, or adding a personal touch to party decorations, these versatile buttons bring a fun and fancy element to any craft.


Versatile Use: Ideal for sewing on accessories like jackets and bags, or for unique DIY projects such as jewelry, scrapbooks, and gift decorations.
High-Quality Material: Made from light pink or periwinkle purple resin, ensuring lasting color and durability.
Convenient Design: Equipped with a shank for easy attachment, whether you're crafting or adding them to clothing.
Dimensions: Each button measures 20 mm (approximately 3/4 inch), perfect for various applications.
Creative Ideas:

Jewelry Making: String these cute buttons onto a ribbon or cord to create whimsical necklaces and bracelets.
Home Décor: Use them to make decorative garlands or eye-catching table centerpieces for your next party.
Fashion Accessories: Sew them onto flip-flops, scarves, or straw hats for a unique fashion statement.
Embrace your creativity with these adorable cherry buttons that are not just for sewing but for making everyday items sparkle with personality!

Any questions? Don't be shy; ask!

~ SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after payment has been received - barring exceptional situations.

Thank you for exploring these fun and cute pastel-colored cherry ornate buttons!

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