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Blue flower jeweled buttons

Blue flower jeweled buttons

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Discover the beauty of these unique handcrafted blue flower jeweled buttons, designed for sewing, crafting, jewelry-making, and fashion design.

This set of five fancy buttons, measuring 20 mm each, features a delightful floral shape in light blue, white, and yellow, with a shank for easy sewing. The flower-style bead and faceted yellow stones in the center add a touch of elegance and artistry to these buttons.

These versatile buttons are perfect for various projects, from sewing onto clothing to creating unique pieces of jewelry. Their vibrant colors and floral design make them an excellent gift for moms who love to sew, creative grandmas, or friends who enjoy crafting. Whether you're adding them to a dress, vest, or hat, these buttons are sure to stand out and enhance any piece.

You will receive 5 buttons.

These buttons make for a thoughtful and artistic present for a friend who loves to create. The combination of light blue, white, and yellow offers a refreshing palette that complements a variety of fabrics and designs. With a sturdy shank for secure attachment, these buttons are not only beautiful but also functional.

Transform your clothing and accessories with these stunning blue flower jeweled buttons!

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