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Zaza of Canada

Black flower-shaped Buttons

Black flower-shaped Buttons

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Are you looking for a unique way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your latest project? Look no further than our Black flower-shaped Buttons with pearl! These fancy buttons are the perfect accessory for any project, giving it an eye-catching look. Not only are these buttons incredibly stylish, but they’re also highly durable and come in various sizes. They’re great for clothing, accessories, home decoration, and more.

This is a lot of 6 floral buttons:

• Diameter 25 mm

• Good for sewing on fancy coats, bags, and accessories. Also suitable as shoe embellishments.
•  Perfect gifts for sewing lovers.
•  With a shank.
• Glossy black and gold colored. With faux pearls in the center.

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Thank you for exploring these lovely black flower-shaped buttons.

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