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Antique Black Glass Buttons - Set of 10

Antique Black Glass Buttons - Set of 10

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Normaalihinta Alennushinta $34.28 CAD
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Unlock the elegance of the past with this exquisite lot of 10 antique black glass buttons, each featuring a sturdy shank and measuring 13mm in diameter. These round heirloom relics, hailing from the 1930s, are perfect for collectors, crafters, or anyone with a love for vintage style.

Fashion Forward: Elevate your outfits by sewing these buttons onto jackets, dresses, or bags for a unique vintage twist.
Jewelry Making: Get creative by turning these buttons into pendants or earrings for a chic retro look.
Home Decor: Add a touch of history to cushions, curtains, or other home projects with these stunning buttons.
Crafty Inspirations: Use them to embellish scrapbooks, greeting cards, or other DIY crafts.

From Czech Republic
13 mm

Whether you're a collector or simply appreciate vintage charm, these vintage glass buttons are more than just functional; they're a nod to the past and a source of inspiration for the present.

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