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Antique Black Glass buttons

Antique Black Glass buttons

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Dive into the past with this large lot of antique black glass buttons from the 1930s. We've got 40 of these beauties, each shining with a cool black shine and smooth finish that'll catch your eye. They're more than just vintage buttons. They're little pieces of history, showing off the fancy craftsmanship of the past.

Each button is about 5 mm wide and comes in shapes like circles, ovals, and squares, with really neat floral and geometric designs on them. No matter if they've got a classic back piece or holes for sewing, they're all about showing off the amazing work of the people who made them.

These buttons are perfect for anyone who loves sewing, making jewelry, or collecting cool things. 

- From the 1930s
- Made in Switzerland
- Color: Black
- Size: Around 5 mm
- 40 buttons
- Designs: Floral and geometric
- Types: With a back piece or holes
- Great for: Sewing, jewelry, crafts, DIY, and gifts

Do you have questions or want to know more about these vintage gems? Just hit us up. We're here to make your projects shine. Happy sewing!

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