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What percent of women send themselves flowers on valentine's day?

It's a hot topic at the moment, isn't it? 

What percent of women send themselves flowers on

valentine's day?

According to Google, 15% of women actually send themselves flowers on the day we celebrate love! Girls, really...we need to wake up! Only 15%! Especially when we consider that, in the USA alone, 224 million roses are grown each year ready for the big day.

As for me, I love flowers. After all, I had many a childhood fantasy about becoming a florist when I grew up...

when is valentine's day

Certainly, I often wonder why women love flowers so much.

The statistics may be just sets of numbers, but they say it all! Just in France, flowers represent a market of €1.7 billion, including €75 million for Mother's Day, which is huge when you consider that flowers are just decoration really, inessential and perishable. Flowers wilt and they're expensive, but give your beloved a bouquet of perfumed miniature tea roses and she will melt! She'll call her mother, her sister and her best friend to tell them that you are just the sweetest of lovers. Everyone loves getting flowers, even if it's just a little bunch of daisies cut from a flowerbed. Giving flowers will always get you a big smile and possibly even a few tears of joy!

Certain theories stress that a beautiful bouquet of flowers allows a man to really show what he's made of. Like a peacock strutting along with his flamboyant and multicolored plumage on display.

Personally, I prefer to think that giving flowers is a charming, poetic and romantic tradition. And according to the old French fairytale, little girls are born in a rose bed, aren't they?


Happy February 14!

Happy Valentine's Day to all!




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when is valentine's day

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