New journey!




Dearest Friends,

It is time to start a new journey!

Many of you stumbled upon Zaza of Canada to begin or grow your own collection of vintage fashion accessories, unique jewelry and bohemian-inspired clothes many moons ago. I would like to extend my deepest gratitude because, whether you’ve been shopping with me for one day or one year, I truly couldn’t do this without you.

            The time has come for me to spread my wings. I’m on to bigger and better things and I’m bringing you with me on this crazy ride!

            It has been quite an experience providing you with affordable, stylish vintage and handmade fashion on Etsy, but there is no growth without change. I’m honored and elated to present to you the grand opening of my brand new official website! Don’t worry, you’ll still find the same quality and love poured into every hand-selected colorful, funky, bohemian piece

            Those of you that love the Etsy experience will be happy to know that I have no current plans of leaving, but don’t forget to visit the official website as well. Shoppers that check out will have access to even more of the funky, vintage fashion that you love and I would hate for you to miss out on an item that may be the perfect fit for you.

            Enjoy more fashion, more fun, streamlined shopping experience, and uplifting design all in one place. I’m so excited for this transition and even more excited to be sharing it with all of you. Thank you to all of the free spirits, vintage vixens, and glam gypsy girls for your continued support. The best is yet to come!




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