How to wear a brooch pin with style?

Use your brooch to boost your style and refinement.

...or how to wear a brooch pin with style?

The brooch has long been a staple of fashion, since even the roman times. Over the years the brooches, especially vintage floral brooches have gone into, out of, and back into style, and people continue to find new ways to wear them without looking tacky or obnoxious. There are brooches of all types, but no matter the brooch there are some rules to follow, and some to break when it comes to wearing them in public. Let's take a look at a few ways you can use your brooch to boost your style points.

Brooches and pins






A brooch such as a vintage pin goes perfectly on garments like scarves and the like. It can actually cover up the knot of your scarf if you don't like the way it looks. Of course not all scarves deserve a brooch on them, only the least inexpensive material should and can be spiced up with the addition of a brooch.


Believe it or not it's actually becoming more popular for women to wear brooches on their tops these days. Whether it be a decorative jewel-encrusted piece or simple flower designs, brooches on tops are regaining the popularity they once had back in the day.



This is an option for both men and women, and if men are doubtful they should google some brooches, there are some pretty cool looking ones for guys as well. Of course what women wouldn’t love a brooch with a ribbon hanging from her belt?



Hats are one of the most common places we see brooches, and for good reason. Nothing brightens up a boring old hat like a big attention-grabbing brooch. Got a white bucket hat for gardening? Throw a big flowery brooch on there and see how people start looking at you differently. There's something about a hat brooch that just commands your respect, if not admiration. 

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