Dare to wear green

Dare to wear green!

One thing is sure: green is not a color that leaves one uninterested...so...Dare to wear green!

An example of this is the fantastic portrait by Kehinde Wiley of President Obama, where the former President is seated in a forest, in front of a fortress of green-colored leaves. All flowers of the portrait have a symbolic signification. The white flowers are Jasmine, representing Obama's childhood in Hawaii. The chrysanthemums, the official flower of Chicago, represent where Obama became Senator of Illinois, and the African blue lilies, a flower of Africa, is in memory of the Kenyan father of the President.

ring green

The color green psychology


Dark green, according to the French magazine Psychologie, is the color of realism and hope, but also in a way, it symbolizes resignation. Light green is a color of common sense and positivity. Lime green and the yellow are both joyful colors, which is probably why these colors were common in the decorative style of the 70s. The bluish or turquoise greens are more spell-binding greens. These colors inspire peace, and they are often linked to winter. It is also the color of succulent plants.

For the Pantone Color Institute, Greenery 1503-43 was the color of 2017. This Pantone evokes the first days of spring, representing a good mood and a positive attitude in life!


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