What clothes to wear if you are curvy

What clothes to wear if you are curvy

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Would you like some fashion tips for curvy ladies? Of course, you do!

The clothes we wear is an expression of who we are, what we wear tell a lot about our personality. Our body size should be taken into consideration when picking the type of cloth we wear, we do not want to dress up looking like a pumpkin when we should be killing our looks. Women should learn to own and embrace their body types by choosing the most appropriate type of clothes for their body. When discovering the kind of clothes to wear by curvy girls without given in to rules and expectations set by society and feeling comfortable in it, it is essential you explore the following options:

Pencil skirts and A-line skirts – it is good for curvy ladies to wear high waisted pencil skirts as this looks classic on them and pairing it with a V-neck top or scoop neck t-shirt make a perfect fit as it accentuates out your curves and smoothens out the thighs. Also, note that the fabric of the skirt should be taken into consideration, it should not be too tight. The length of the skirt should also not be short.


what clothes to wear if you are curvy

A-line skirts are also perfect for curvy ladies, especially ladies with pear-shaped bodies as this highlights the waist and flares out over the hips making the width of the bottom half look smaller.

Fitted jeans and wide leg jeans – ladies with curvy shapes should go for fitted trousers around the hips and buttocks to accent their shapes and also go for wide leg jeans, this is to even out the curves and show their feminine curve giving definition to their waist. Wearing baggy and cropped pant can make curvy ladies looks short and stumpy.

Jumpsuit – this is one of the easiest outfits that should be in the wardrobe of the curvy ladies, from the high neck to the short sleeve or the V-neck. Jumpsuits are perfect for curvy ladies as it pays attention to the waist and shows off the curvy hips.

Peplum tops – peplum tops place more emphasis on the waistline, curvy ladies have a smaller waist especially when they are paired with a fitted jeans or pencil skirt.

Bodycon dresses – bodycon outfits places emphasis on your curves, there is no need to hide those curve, curvy ladies should learn to embrace their curves and wear clothes that emphasizes on those curves, I mean, if you have got it, you should flaunt it.


flare dress

Off shoulder necklines – off shoulder neckline, whether it is a dress, top or jumpsuit, it will place more emphasis on your collar bone making you look  chick in your outfit

Using a belt on the waistline is another must do for curvy girls especially when they put on a loose top.

When next you have an outing to attend as a curvy lady, these outfits should be your guide in choosing the appropriate clothes to wear. Also, remember that the secret to looking good for curvy ladies is to wear fitted clothes as this will flatter your figure and keep you looking great anytime.



fashion tips for curvy ladies




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