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Various Shapes of Fancy buttons

Fancy buttons can be a charming way to jazz up clothing or crafts.

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They come in various shapes and designs to fit all kinds of styles and purposes. Here's a list of the main shapes you might encounter when exploring fancy sewing buttons:


  • Round: The classic shape, available in all sizes and materials, from plain to ornate designs. 
  • Square: These can have straight edges or be more rounded, giving a geometric touch to clothing or crafts.
  • Oval: A slightly elongated circle shape, often used for a softer, more elegant look.
  • Rectangle: Similar to square but with a longer shape, adding a bit more visual interest.
  • Triangle: Adds a modern or unique twist to button shapes.
  • Star: Star-shaped buttons are popular for kids' clothing or decorative purposes. 
    beach-themed buttons
  • Heart: Great for adding a touch of romance or sweetness to an item.c
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  • Flower: Often used in more feminine or floral-themed designs, these can come in a variety of petal shapes. 
    poppy floral buttons
  • Animal Shapes: Common in children's clothing, these buttons might be shaped like animals such as cats, dogs, or birds. 
    butterfly shaped buttons
  • Novelty Shapes: This category includes buttons in unique shapes like cars, fruits, musical notes, or even specific objects like scissors or sewing machines.

These are some of the main shapes you'll find in the fancy sewing button world. They can be made from various materials, including plastic, wood, metal, glass, or even fabric. Each shape brings a different vibe, letting you customize your sewing projects to your heart's content.



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