How to wrap a shoebox for valentine's day

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How to Wrap a Shoebox for Valentine’s Day

Whether you’re using it to gift shoes, or filling it with something else altogether, a shoebox is the perfect container for wrapping Valentine’s gifts for that special person in your life.

But how do you make a plain old shoebox look cute and fun for Valentine’s Day? You wrap it with pretty paper, ribbons, and heart buttons!


How to wrap a shoebox for valentine's day

Wrap the Shoebox

The unique thing about wrapping a shoebox is that you can wrap the lid and body of the box separately – meaning the box can be opened without ruining the wrapping paper. A wrapped shoebox can even be reused or displayed by the recipient!

Start by cutting a piece of wrapping paper several inches larger than the lid on all sides. Then, wrap the paper around the outside of the lid, taping the excess paper down inside the lid.

Next, cut another piece of wrapping paper that is about 8 inches larger than the body of the shoebox on all sides. Wrap the paper up around the body of the box, taping the excess paper down inside the box. The hardest part of this process is folding the corners down nicely!

Decorate the Shoebox

Next, cut 4 pieces of ribbon about 20 inches long. Tape the end of one of the pieces of ribbon to the inside of the box lid at the center of each of the 4 edges.

Pull each of the 4 ribbons up to the center of the top of the lid and tie the ends into a bow.

Next, let’s add a fun detail! Grab a cute heart shaped button and use a hot glue gun to glue it to the top of the box. You can then add more heart buttons to the box to really accentuate the Valentine’s Day theme!


how to wrap a shoebox for valentine's day

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