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Earrings! The perfect accessory to give your face a beautiful look you've always wanted. It comes in different shapes and sizes, like the drop earrings, dangling earrings, round earrings, and soft shape earrings.

The secret to enhancing your facial beauty is by merely choosing earrings that are the opposite of the shape of your face, for instance, a round-faced person should choose dangling or drop earrings because this narrows the look of your face.

Drop earrings slightly "drop" underneath the earlobe. This drop comes in different forms of adornment, with either a gemstone or beads.

There are different ways to rock or wear these beautiful drop earrings, it comes in so many designs, if you happen to be a lover then this is what you need to keep you updated on the latest trends and the best way to rock and combine your drop earrings with your style of the dress!!


• For a refreshed style
Colorful drop earrings are suitable for refreshed looks, the drop earrings come in different colors, so if you want to look refreshed guess what? It's possible!!!. All you just have to do is make your drop earrings to be either same color with your top or make those Colourful earrings stand out as the center of attraction in your outfit.

• A more girly look

If you happen to be a lover of girly looks, drop earrings can help bring out that girly look in an exceptional way, for example, when putting on jumpsuits, stylish drop earrings will look really good and you can finish it up by putting on trendy hills too! This will make you exceptionally girly than you really expected.


flower drop earrings

• Long pleated skirts
This is another really trending outfit in the world of fashion, many fashionistas and celebrities have picked interest in this long pleated skirt look, and this me is what you will want to give a try especially when you combine it with a lovely drop earring, it looks very feminine when worn with a top or t-shirt, of course, heels or girly flats can make you rock this look to your taste.

• Casual chic outfits
Drop earrings are not meant to be worn only for special events or some kind of specific outfit for a particular look, you can try putting on drop earrings when wearing your jeans and your every day stylish top, and lacy tops look good too, and you can finish this look with any pointy flats of your choice.


clip on earrings for women

• For your professional looks
Some women have busy schedules and work really hard, but they still keep up with that elegant style, drop earrings go with professional looks. But you need to be careful when choosing them based on their shape and colors to avoid appearing too busy. Your black suits can go well with these earrings, just select a color that will blend with your black suits and won't appear too loud.

• Party looks
It depends on the kind of party if this is like a cocktail party, where you can put on your styled gowns a pretty drop earrings!



There are so many other ways to rock these drop earrings, even if you are the street style type, a touch of the drop earrings will make that desired look pop up so well. Drop earrings are one accessory that shouldn't be missing in your jewelry box, it serves same importance as your makeup, this is for my makeup lovers though.

Drop earrings

is a must have for all ladies!


drop earrings

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