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How to Make Jewelry Clasps with Buttons

How to Make Jewelry Clasps with Buttons

A key component of almost any piece of jewelry is the clasp. Usually, it’s just a boring metal hook or clamp. But when you make your own jewelry, you get to choose what the clasp looks like – and it doesn’t have to be boring!

Try using fancy buttons for jewelry clasps to make the closure just as pretty as the rest of the piece.

Finding Buttons for Jewelry Clasps

Any type of button can be made into a jewelry clasp, but the key is to find beautiful, unique buttons that really adds something to the finished piece. Try your local thrift shops for lovely vintage buttons or check out our selection of elegant buttons.

Loop and Button Clasps

The most common way to use buttons for jewelry clasps is in a loop and button style closure.

To make this type of clasp, thread a button onto one end of your bracelet or necklace. Then, add any design elements such as knots, beads, or pendants to the body of the piece. Once you reach the other end, form a loop large enough to fit the button through. This loop can be a simple looped thread, a knotted strip of leather, or you might want to bead the entire loop.

Shank Button Hook Clasps

A second type of closure that works great for using buttons is a hook clasp. This type of clasp is perfect for using gorgeous shank buttons.

To make a shank button hook clasp, wrap wire around the shank of one button, then form a loop in the wire to one side of the button. Grab a second button and secure another piece of wire to its shank. For the second button, instead of forming a loop in the wire, form a hook, shaping it until you like how it looks.

These two buttons can then be used at the ends of a bracelet or necklace to hook together and act as a beautiful closure
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