How to Make Boho Bracelets

How to Make Boho Bracelets

Express your creativity and gypsy style by making your own personalized boho bracelets!


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Making your own bracelets is simple!


Making your own bracelets is simple, quick, and fun – and there are so many options for creating unique and beautiful bohemian bracelets. Try mixing and matching different textures and earthy tones to create bracelets you can layer. Including nature-inspired elements in your bracelets will add to the effortless, boho look.

Using a rustic material like leather or rope as the base of your bracelet will bring a simple, textured look to your design. Cut a piece of leather or thin rope that is long enough to fit comfortably around your wrist twice, plus about 4 inches.

Fold the leather piece in half – so you will have one side with two loose ends of leather or rope and the other side will be the folded side. Double knot about 1 inch in from the folded end of your bracelet to form a little loop. This loop will be one side of the closure that will keep your bracelet on your wrist.

Now it’s time make your bracelet unique to your style! Thread both the loose ends of your bracelet with beads, pendants, or even buttons! A mix of different sizes and textures of beads and buttons will give your bracelet a unique look! To help achieve that free-spirited boho look, choose buttons and beads in earthy tones or rustic chunky jewels and stones. Accenting your boho bracelet with nature inspired pieces like these bee shaped buttons will add a lot of charm!

Once you’ve threaded your bracelet with as many special beads, buttons, and pendants as your heart desires – it’s time to finish the closure! A button closure for your bracelet is the perfect way to finish it off! A large sized rustic or chunky jewel button would be a great choice for your button closure – you want to choose something that will steal the show and stand out from the other beads and buttons on your bracelet. Simply tie that button onto the two loose ends of your bracelet.

To wear your new boho bracelet – wrap it around your wrist and put the loop around the button to secure the bracelet. You can adjust the placement of the button to make your bracelet smaller or larger so it will fit your wrist perfectly!


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Now go ahead and make some bracelets – and I promise, you won’t be able to stop at just one! These boho bracelets are stackable, so you’ll definitely need at least a few unique bracelets!



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