How To Dress Like Frida Kahlo

How To Dress Like Frida Kahlo?

The inspiring and amazing legendary Mexican artist-Frida Kahlo in her time had consistently made a statement during her time with her fashion sense, she inspired a lot of people then, and years after she's gone, different people including the amazing singer Beyoncé have times without number made efforts to pull off her looks. Beyoncé pulled it off during the 2014 Halloween, while the others, well they turned it into a fashion trend, rocking the Frida Kahlo with grace and beauty and all the chic that comes with the fashion.

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Dress Like Frida Kahlo with Flower Shaped Buttons

Frida Kahlo loved florals. She incorporated them into her stunning outfits in many different ways – floral prints, headbands made from flowers, and flower necklaces! What better way to channel your inner Frida Kahlo than by incorporating florals into your looks?

A great way to add a bold floral touch to your style is by incorporating flower shaped buttons. Start by choosing the base of your outfit. For a Frida-Kahlo-esque look, choose a dress in a bright color. Even better if you can find (or DIY!) a dress with beautiful embroidery details!

Next, choose a set of floral buttons to go with your Frida Kahlo inspired dress. Choosing bold, brightly colored, flower shaped buttons will really help your outfit to stand out. We have a great selection of gorgeous, floral buttons to choose from.

If your dress already has buttons, carefully remove them with a seam ripper, making sure to mark the locations of the buttons before removing them from the fabric. Next, hand sew one of your new floral buttons onto each marked location on the dress. Basically, you’re switching out plain, boring buttons for colorful, Frida Kahlo inspired flower buttons!

If your dress does not already have buttons, you’ll want to find the best placement before attaching any decorative buttons. Lay your dress out on a table or the floor and play with the placement of your floral buttons. Once you find a layout you love, mark the planned button locations, then hand sew your new buttons onto your Frida Kahlo dress!


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You looking to pull off a drop dead gorgeous Frida Kahlo? Well here are a few ways you can do just that.
Be bold with the colors: Frida Kahlo loved colors, bright colors. Maybe because she was Mexican as they had a thing for colorful outfits, but Frida was not afraid of colors. So when you intend to channel your fashion energy through her, do not be scared of the colors. Bold, bright and beautiful. Yellow, blue, red, the brighter, the better. Be colorful.

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Floral designs:

She probably had a thing for flowers because she had floral designs on her outfits, recent Frida Kahlo outfits have floral designs slapped on them. So add floral prints to that outfit.
Accessories: It was pretty easy to find Frida in the crowd because of her accessories, she had on headbands made out of flowers, colorful scarves, very noticeable jewelry. Frida was daring with her looks. Get the right daring accessories and maybe, you might be mistaken for her when you walk on the road.



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Embroidered dresses: Something that stood out with the dresses you were sure to find on Frida were embroideries designing them through and through.
Masculine tailoring: Frida Khalo bridged the gap between male and female clothing with the style in which her outfits were tailored. There was a noticeable mix of masculinity and feminity on her dresses. You could see square necks, with ruffled hems.
The bold unibrow: This was one thing that was very unique about Frida Khalo, she had bold brows that were joined with a little hair at the middle of her face, she had a unibrow. And sometime in 2018, you were sure to come in contact with ladies with bold brows on, they were channeling their inner Frida Kahlo. So, adding a touch of daring makeup to that already darling outfit. There you have it. Your fashion becomes the whole Frida Khalo package.
People relate to people who have inspired them in different ways, like the kids in hunger games the movie, who styled their hair like Katniss Everdeen the Mockingjay, you could say they were channeling their inner Katniss. You, on the other hand, are on the team of people who would love to channel their inner Frida Khalo, maybe you just love the fashion trend that's about her. Either way, here is how to dress like the artist. Cheers to rocking the Frida Kahlo effortlessly.

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