how to dress like a hippie

How To Dress Like A Hippie

How To Dress Like A Hippie. 

Nostalgic for the peace and love years, you want to read this blog!

It’s always been a norm to dress to impress, but nothing speaks better of a man who dresses for comfort. As fashion evolves, different forms of clothes are being created daily. This ranges from skirts to tank tops and even skimpier dresses, but when aiming for that comfortable look that gives off that cultural appearance, hippie dressing is the way to go. Hippie dressing can be dated way back to the 1960s and 1970s and do not think that this will make you look old fashioned as you could still pull off that modern look by combining your own style and fashion.

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Tips On How To Pull Off That Hippie Look.
Dressing like a hippie is not very difficult as all you need is the right wardrobe and even better is that hippie clothes are not overly expensive.

So here are a few tips on how to dress like a hippie:
Shop At The Right Places: To get the right outfits for your hippie wardrobe, you have to know where to shop. Now you do not want to go to those trendy fashion malls but instead go to places like the flea market or thrift stores. Here you can find some perfect hippie clothes at affordable prices and even better is that you can order them online.
Gypsy Style Skirts: For the ladies, go for those loose flowery skirts as this really gives off that hippie look and even better is that you can combine them with boots so not only do you look like a hippie but a trendy one at that.
Clothes Bigger Than Your Actual Size: Hippie dressing comes from a place of comfort so, to pull off that look, you will have to get rid of your skimpy clothes. Buy clothes that are a couple of sizes over to achieve that hippie appearance.
Wear Ripped Jeans: This goes for shorts too as ripped outfits are the new fashion trend. So go for torn jeans, ripped shorts and you’re in the zone.
Be Creative: As a hippie, creativeness comes into play. You could starch your own clothes and create the designs you want on the materials you buy. Go for soft coloring with floral patterns and never forget to be your own fashion.
Long Blouses: Wear long blouses with good floral patterns, and you can pair this off with hats and other accessories. Look to countries like India for inspiration.
Accessories: Go for cute accessories ranging from long necklaces, bangles, flowery headbands, and dangling earrings. You could also try out various scarves and head ties, belts and vests and combine them with knitted purses and fabric satchels to complete that 60’s look.
Foot-wears: As a hippie dresser, go for knee-high boots and nice looking gladiator sandals. This helps to complete your look correctly.
Going for a hippie wardrobe is refreshing and a look you can always try out when going for a change. It not only makes you stand out and in a good way at that but also makes you stylish.

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how to dress like a hippie

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