How to Decorate a Top Hat Steampunk Style

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How to Decorate a Top Hat Steampunk Style

A top hat decorated with goggles, feathers, chains, and antique-style metal cogs and buttons is one of the quintessential pieces of steampunk style. If you’re looking to add a steampunk top hat to your wardrobe, rather than buy one, you might want to try making one!

Decorating your own top hat is fun, easy, will save you money, and your hat will be more unique than anything you could buy!


Supplies to Decorate a Top Hat Steampunk Style

  • Plain top hat
  • Hot glue gun
  • Ribbon or belt
  • Cogs
  • Old stopwatch
  • Unique buttons, such as bee buttons
  • Anything else you want included in your hat: goggles, chains, feathers, flowers, etc.

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Step 1: Gather Your Supplies

Start by finding a top hat and all the decorations you want to add to it. I recommend checking thrift shops and shopping online for your hat and other supplies. We have a selection of fun and unique buttons, such as bee buttons, that would look awesome on a steampunk top hat!

Taking your time to find all the different pieces for your hat is one of the most enjoyable parts of the process!

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Step 2: Create the Base

Start by creating the base that you can add all the really fun details to.

Wrap your ribbon or belt around the base of the hat and glue it in place. If you are using steampunk goggles, you can add them now, over the top of the belt or ribbon.

Step 3: Add Details

Finally, add in all the fun details – the feathers, cogs, bee buttons, stopwatch, and more with your hot glue gun.


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