When Should You Use Sparkling Buttons?

When Should You Use Sparkling Buttons?

Add a touch of sparkle to your sewing projects with our easy-to-follow guide on using sparkling buttons! Perfect for crafters of all levels, these fun and friendly tips will help you make your creations shine. Dive in and let's get sparkling!



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Choosing the Perfect Outfit for Sparkling Buttons

Choosing the perfect outfit to match your sparkling buttons can be a fun and creative process. Whether they're shimmering rhinestone buttons, elegant glass buttons, or fancy buttons that catch the eye, these little details can make a big difference in your look. Here's how to make the most of them:

  1. Identify the Occasion: Think about where you're planning to go. Sparkling buttons can dress up an outfit for a special event or add a playful touch to casual wear.

  2. Select the Right Garment: Whether it's a blouse, jacket, or dress, choose an item that will highlight your sparkling buttons. A simple outfit can be transformed with the addition of rhinestone or glass buttons, giving it an instant upgrade.

  3. Color Coordination: Match your sparkling buttons with the color of your outfit for a cohesive look. For example, clear glass buttons can add a subtle elegance to any color, while colored rhinestone buttons can complement or contrast your garment for a bolder statement.

  4. Play with Styles: Don't be afraid to experiment. Fancy buttons can bring a unique flair to vintage outfits or add a modern twist to classic pieces.

  5. Accessorize Thoughtfully: Since your buttons are a standout feature, you might want to keep other accessories minimal. Let your sparkling buttons be the star of the show.


Creative Ideas for Adding Sparkling Buttons to Your Clothes

Adding sparkling buttons to your clothes is a fun and creative way to give your wardrobe a little extra charm. Here are some creative ideas to get you started:

  1. Jazz Up Your Jackets: Swap out the ordinary buttons on your favorite jacket with sparkling buttons. Rhinestone buttons on a denim jacket can turn casual into chic! sparkling buttons on leather jacket

  2. Transform Your Tops: Add glass buttons to the cuffs or collar of a plain shirt to give it an instant elegant upgrade.

  3. Beautify Your Bags: Who says buttons can only go on clothes? Attach some fancy buttons to your purse or tote bag for that personalized touch. sparkling buttons on a bag

  4. Snazzy Shoes: Give your shoes a makeover by adding some sparkling buttons. They can make even the simplest pair of flats look party-ready.

  5. Dazzling Dresses: Replace the buttons on a dress with shimmering options to enhance its look. A simple black dress can become a stunning evening outfit with the right buttons. 

  6. Accessorize Accessories: From hats to scarves, adding a few sparkling buttons can make your accessories stand out.

  7. Cardigan Charm: Revamp an old cardigan by sewing on different sizes of rhinestone or glass buttons for a quirky, eclectic style.

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When to Sew on Sparkling Buttons for a Touch of Glam


Sewing on sparkling buttons is a fabulous way to add a touch of glam to your clothes, making them look extra special. Here's when you can add them for that perfect dash of glamour:

  1. Special Occasions: Got a wedding, party, or fancy dinner to attend? Sew some sparkling buttons on your outfit to stand out and feel fabulous.

  2. Holiday Celebrations: Holidays are a great time to add some shine. Rhinestone buttons can make your Christmas sweater or New Year's Eve outfit extra festive.   

  3. Everyday Fashion: Who says you can't sparkle every day? Add glass buttons to your everyday blouse or cardigan to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

  4. Revamping Old Clothes: Breathe new life into a garment you're bored with by adding fancy buttons. It's an easy way to make old clothes feel new and exciting. revamping old clothes

  5. Accessorizing: It's not just about clothes. Sew sparkling buttons on hats, bags, or even shoes to add a bit of glam to your accessories.

  6. Craft Projects: If you're into crafting, sparkling buttons can be a great addition to your projects, whether you're making a pillow, a piece of art, or a decorative item.

 sparkling buttons on shoes

Tips for Sewing Sparkling Buttons on Evening Wear

Sewing sparkling buttons on evening wear is a fantastic way to elevate your outfit and add a touch of elegance. Whether they're shimmering rhinestone buttons, delicate glass buttons, or any fancy buttons, here are some friendly tips to help you get started:

  1. Choose the Right Buttons: For evening wear, pick sparkling buttons that complement your outfit's color and style. Rhinestone buttons can add a luxurious touch, while glass buttons offer a subtle elegance.

  2. Location Matters: Decide where you want your buttons to shine the most. Common spots are the cuffs, neckline, or down the back of the garment. Just a few well-placed sparkling buttons can make a big difference.

  3. Use Strong Thread: Evening wear often requires sturdier sewing to hold heavier buttons like rhinestones. Use a strong thread that matches the color of your fabric to ensure the buttons stay secure all night long.

  4. Test First: Before sewing the buttons onto your garment, place them on the fabric to see how they look. This way, you can experiment with different arrangements without committing.

  5. Sew Securely: When sewing on your buttons, make sure they're fastened tightly so they don't come loose during your event. You might want to add a small bead of clear nail polish to the thread's knot for extra security.

  6. Careful Cleaning: Remember, garments with fancy buttons may need special care. Check if your evening wear should be hand-washed or dry cleaned to keep those buttons sparkling.

Transforming Everyday Clothes with Sparkling Buttons

sparkling buttons on simple dress

Transforming your everyday clothes with sparkling buttons is like adding a sprinkle of magic to your wardrobe! It's a simple and fun way to make your outfits stand out. Here's how you can make your daily wear dazzle:

  1. Pick Your Piece: Choose a piece of clothing you wear often, like a denim jacket, a cardigan, or even a pair of jeans. Think about where you'd love to see a bit of sparkle.

  2. Select Your Buttons: Find sparkling buttons that catch your eye. Rhinestone buttons can add a pop of glamour, while glass buttons can give a subtle, elegant shine. Pick buttons that reflect your style and match the color or theme of your garment.

  3. Plan Your Placement: Before sewing, lay your buttons out on your garment to get an idea of how they'll look. You can line them up in a traditional row, scatter them for a whimsical effect, or place them strategically to highlight certain areas, like the collar or cuffs.

  4. Sew Them On: Once you're happy with the design, it's time to sew your buttons on. Take your time to secure them well, so they stay on through all your daily activities.

  5. Mix and Match: Don't be afraid to mix different types of sparkling buttons on the same piece. A combination of rhinestone, glass, and fancy buttons can create a unique and eclectic look.

  6. Care for Your Clothes: Remember, clothes with sparkling buttons might need a little extra care when washing. Make sure to check the best way to clean your newly decorated item, so it stays looking great.


The Best Fabrics for Showcasing Your Sparkling Buttons

Choosing the best fabrics to showcase your sparkling buttons can make your outfits shine even brighter! Here's how to pick the perfect fabric:

  1. Solid Colors: Sparkling buttons stand out best on solid-colored fabrics. Imagine how a shiny rhinestone button pops on a plain black dress or how glass buttons shimmer on a simple white blouse!

  2. Smooth Textures: Fabrics with a smooth texture, like satin or silk, can really highlight the sparkle of your buttons. These materials allow the buttons to be the star of the show without competing with the fabric's texture.

  3. Sturdy Materials: If you're using heavier fancy buttons, choose a fabric that can support them. Denim, wool, or thick cotton are great options for keeping your buttons securely in place.

  4. Contrast is Key: Think about color contrast. Dark buttons on light fabric or bright buttons on dark fabric can create a striking look. This way, your sparkling buttons will really stand out.

  5. Simple Patterns: If you prefer patterned fabrics, go for simple designs that won't overshadow your buttons. Subtle stripes or small dots can complement your sparkling buttons without making the outfit too busy.

  6. Quality Counts: Choose high-quality fabrics that will hold up well, especially if you plan to sew on heavy rhinestone or glass buttons. This ensures your clothes look great and last longer.

Remember, the best fabric for your sparkling buttons is one that makes you feel confident and happy. So, pick a fabric that you love, sew on those shiny buttons, and wear your creation with pride!


Seasonal Ideas for Sewing with Sparkling Buttons

Sewing with sparkling buttons can add a seasonal touch to your outfits, making them special and festive all year round! Whether they're shiny rhinestone buttons, elegant glass buttons, or colorful fancy buttons, here's how you can use them to celebrate each season:

  1. Spring: As flowers bloom, add some sparkle to your spring wardrobe with pastel-colored rhinestone buttons. Sew them on lightweight cardigans or blouses to mirror the season's fresh, bright vibe.

  2. Summer: Embrace the summer sun by adding gold or silver sparkling buttons to your beach cover-ups or sundresses. They'll catch the light beautifully and add a touch of glamour to your casual wear.

  3. Fall: When leaves change color, it's a great time to use earth-toned fancy buttons on your garments. Think about sewing them on a cozy scarf or a woolen jacket to add a warm, sparkling touch.

  4. Winter: During the holiday season, glass buttons can make your outfits festive. Choose red, green, or clear sparkling buttons to sew on your party attire or to jazz up a simple sweater, making it perfect for holiday gatherings.

  5. All Seasons: Don't forget, sparkling buttons aren't just for clothes! You can sew them on accessories like hats, gloves, and bags to add a bit of sparkle no matter the season.

How to Select the Right Thread for Sewing Sparkling Buttons

Selecting the right thread for sewing sparkling buttons, whether they're shank buttons or hole buttons, is crucial to ensure they stay securely attached to your garment and look great. Here's a simple guide to help you choose the best thread for your sparkling, rhinestone, glass, or fancy buttons:

  1. Thread Type: Use strong, durable thread that can handle the weight and wear of sparkling buttons. Polyester thread is a good choice because it's strong and has a bit of stretch. For extra durability, especially for heavy buttons like some rhinestone or glass buttons, consider using upholstery thread.

  2. Color Match: Choose a thread color that matches the fabric of your garment, not the button. This helps the thread blend in with the fabric, ensuring that the buttons stand out and the stitching doesn't.

  3. Shank Buttons: These buttons have a loop at the back instead of holes. When sewing shank buttons, make sure the thread wraps securely around the shank and the fabric, creating a tight connection. This is important to prevent the button from dangling or getting loose.

  4. Hole Buttons: For buttons with holes, use a thread that can pass through the holes easily without fraying. If the buttonholes are very small, you might need a thinner thread or a needle with a smaller eye. For buttons with larger holes, you can double the thread for extra strength.

  5. Knotting: Start and end with a strong knot to prevent the thread from coming undone. Some sewers like to add a drop of clear nail polish or fabric glue to the knot for extra security, especially for buttons that will see a lot of use.

  6. Test the Stress: Think about how much stress the button will be under. Buttons on a coat sleeve, for example, may need stronger thread than buttons on a decorative throw pillow.

By choosing the right thread and using the correct technique for shank or hole buttons, you'll ensure your sparkling buttons are both functional and fabulous on your garments.



Inspiring Projects Using Sparkling Buttons in Sewing

Sparkling buttons can transform simple sewing projects into stunning pieces that catch everyone's eye. Here are some inspiring ideas for using rhinestone, glass, or fancy buttons in your sewing projects, along with a nod to brands that excel in this sparkly detail:

  1. Embellished Cushions: Add some sparkle to your living room by sewing sparkling buttons onto cushion covers. Create patterns or simply scatter them for a touch of glam. Brands like Anthropologie often feature such detailed and creative home decor items.

  2. Glamorous Garments: Elevate a basic blouse or dress by replacing ordinary buttons with shimmering glass or rhinestone buttons. This is a trick often seen in high-end fashion brands like Dolce & Gabbana, where buttons aren't just functional; they're part of the outfit's charm.

  3. Sparkling Accessories: Why not make your accessories shine? Sew fancy buttons onto hats, scarves, or bags for that extra flair. Kate Spade is known for incorporating playful yet sophisticated details like this into their accessories. 

  4. Jewelry Making: Yes, you can make jewelry with buttons! Create unique necklaces, bracelets, or earrings with sparkling buttons. It's a simple project with a big impact, much like the fun and quirky jewelry pieces you'd find at Accessorize.

  5. Revamping Footwear: Add some pizzazz to plain shoes by attaching sparkling buttons. This is a fun way to give old footwear a new lease on life, reminiscent of the playful designs found in Betsey Johnson's collections.

  6. Decorative Table Linens: Make your dining table shine by sewing glass or rhinestone buttons onto table runners or napkins, adding a touch of elegance to your dinner setting, similar to the detailed pieces found in Zara Home collections.

  7. Festive Decorations: Use sparkling buttons to create festive decorations, whether it's for Christmas, Halloween, or any other celebration. Think of a sparkling wreath or a set of shimmering ornaments to hang.

These projects show that with a bit of creativity and some sparkling buttons, you can create items that are not only unique but also have that designer touch. Whether you're inspired by big brands or just want to add some personal flair, there's a world of possibilities when it comes to sewing with sparkling buttons!


With all these fantastic ideas and tips, you're well on your way to adding a dazzling touch to your sewing projects with sparkling buttons.
Remember, it's not just about the buttons—it's about expressing your creativity and personal style.
If you're feeling inspired and ready to start your next project, you might want to check out Zaza of Canada.
So grab your needle and thread, pick out some beautiful buttons, and let your creativity shine. Happy sewing!
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