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Once upon a time, when I was in the throes of 25, I took to living in Coyoacan, or ‘the place of the coyotes’, of Mexico City. I fell in love with the rich culture and colorful tapestry of art, architecture, and fashion. How could one not be enamored at such vibrancy and community? Amidst markets filled with local produce and craftsman, street cafes, and quaint bookstores was La Casa Azul.

            La Casa Azul, as you may have guessed is a bright blue house. This house turned museum is the former home of the beloved Frida Kahlo. The walls ache and echo with her stories. I came to adore the paintings and words of Kahlo and her creations remain a source of constant inspiration.

            The entire city breathes in a way as if it is alive. It echoes the stories of love, elation, pain, and triumph of human spirit. The Mexican culture often shares these stories through art. Every tapestry, painting, dress, song – is designed to tell a story.

            Now I am lucky enough to have the opportunity to share these stories with you. When I began ZazaofCanada on Etsy, I wanted to share the vibrant colors and culture that I had fallen so deeply in love with. You’ll find vibrant traditional Mexican-inspired clothing and jewelry, strewn with vintage bohemian fashion and whimsical style.

            My Etsy store and Zaza Of Canada have become my own living masterpiece in a sense. Always growing. Always changing. A perfect patchwork of old and new found items just waiting for you to hear their story.




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