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Five Creative Ideas with Jeweled Buttons

Jeweled buttons are a wonderful way to add a touch of glamour and creativity to various craft projects. Here are five creative ideas to incorporate jeweled buttons into your crafting ventures:


 1. Jeweled Button Bouquet

jeweled buttons

Transform jeweled buttons into a stunning, everlasting bouquet. This project can be a decorative piece for your home or a unique gift.

Materials Needed:
- A variety of jeweled buttons
- Floral wire
- Floral tape
- Ribbon or fabric for wrapping the bouquet handle
- Hot glue gun

- Attach each button to the top of a floral wire using hot glue.
- Group the wires together to form a bouquet, wrapping them with floral tape.
- Cover the handle with ribbon or a fabric of your choice, securing it with glue or pins.
- Arrange the buttons to vary in height and color for visual interest.

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2. Embellished Throw Pillows

Add a pop of sparkle to your living room or bedroom by adorning throw pillows with jeweled buttons.

Materials Needed:
- Plain throw pillows
- A selection of jeweled buttons
- Needle and strong thread

- Plan your design by laying the buttons on the pillow before sewing.
- Sew each button securely onto the pillow in the desired pattern.
- Consider using the buttons to create shapes or initials for a personalized touch.

3. Decorative Framed Art

jeweled buttons

Create a piece of art using jeweled buttons as the main attraction.

Materials Needed:
- A picture frame
- Background fabric or paper
- Jeweled buttons
- Glue

- Cut the background fabric or paper to fit your frame.
- Arrange the jeweled buttons on the background to form a design or message.
- Once satisfied with the arrangement, glue each button down.
- Place the decorated background in the frame and display.

4. Customized Jewelry Holder

jeweled buttons

Fashion a functional and fancy jewelry holder using a fabric-covered canvas and jeweled buttons.

Materials Needed:
- A canvas
- Fabric to cover the canvas
- Jeweled buttons
- Glue or sewing supplies

- Cover the canvas with your chosen fabric, securing it at the back.
- Arrange jeweled buttons across the canvas in a visually pleasing manner.
- Use either glue or sew the buttons onto the fabric to hold jewelry like earrings and necklaces.


5. Enhanced Greeting Cards

shell buttons

Elevate your card-making by adding jeweled buttons to the design.

Materials Needed:
- Blank greeting cards
- Jeweled buttons
- Glue
- Other embellishments like ribbons, glitter, etc.

- Design the layout of your card, deciding where to place the jeweled buttons.
- Glue the buttons onto the card, along with any other embellishments.
- Allow everything to dry thoroughly before writing inside the card.

These projects offer fun ways to utilize jeweled buttons creatively, giving new life to both new and recycled materials.

Enjoy crafting!

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