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5 Creative Ways to Decorate With Fancy Buttons

Do you want to find a creative and affordable way to give your clothes and home a unique, personalized touch? Look no further than decorating with buttons! Buttons come in all sorts of sizes, shapes, and colors, including fancy buttons and rhinestone buttons. With just a few of colorful buttons, you can instantly transform an ordinary shirt, accessory, or piece of furniture into something extraordinary.

Button tassels.

You can string large beads or flat buttons with holes onto a large thread, ribbon, or string and then finish the tassel with a fashion button. If the button is a rhinestone, then when you move it, the reflection of the daylight will make your tassel will sort of sparkle. It's a pretty cool effect that will make people turn and look.

And tassels are not just for curtains! You can make small, light tassels and sew them onto natural-colored jute ribbons or an elegant fishtail braid to personalize a lampshade. In this case, you should choose light enough buttons and balance the buttons around the lamp.


how to make a keychain with beads and charms

Creating a nice keyring with a unique design is also a great idea! You need a metal ring or carabiner, and you can hang all your finds on it. To make it simple, you can take a viscose pompom tassel and put some fashion buttons around it. If you only have flat (or slightly curved) buttons with holes, you can put them on top of the tassel. Keychains with pearly buttons are my favorite. You can add large faux pearls for a funky look or small, colored porcelain for a beachy look.

Fashion Clasp

 diy clasp for jewelry

Make a fashion clasp to give a pretty handmade bracelet some pizazz.

You will need:

- Big fashion buttons

- A chain

- The base of a clasp

To make a chic and simple bracelet, take a large gold-colored chain. You can take a half-broken vintage bracelet from your grandmother. The process is super simple. You just need to cut the back stem of the button and glue it with epoxy jewellery glue to the base of the clasp. Then you just have to hang the clasp on the chain. Be careful to use the clearest glue available, as you don't want to get any yellow marks.

Here's a quick tip for cutting the stem: for the glass buttons, take a really large pair of jewelry pliers and cut gently. Even though Czech buttons are very strong, you don't want to rip the stem off like a brute (you have the gym for that). My advice is always to keep the pliers parallel to the base of the button. The same applies to nylon, plastic and acrylic buttons. You can also use a jeweller's saw. And that's it; I've given you my tips for accessorizing a bracelet clasp with fashion buttons. Now it's up to you to go through your drawers and find old broken bracelets. The process is the same for making necklace clasps. However, if you want a light, twirling necklace, like a pearl necklace, I recommend plastic buttons. If you're more into the Iris Apfel, look and big, heavy jewelry, you'll prefer glass buttons.


fancy buttons for sale

Covering flip-flops with buttons.

Gluing costume jewelry to your summer shoes and flip-flops is an excellent way to dress up your feet. I also love the idea of having a super simple outfit and completely crazy shoes.

flip flops for party

 You'll need:

- Plastic flip-flops.

- Nylon thread

- E6000 glue

- Buttons with holes or stems.

- Jeweller's saw



how to decorate flip flops with rhinestones

If you use stemmed buttons, cut the stems to change your fashion buttons into cabochons. If I take the example of the rhinestone buttons from my shop, the stems can be cut very nicely with a small jeweller's saw. Glue the button to the flip-flop. You can use E6000 glue or epoxy. I would not use hot glue unless your flip-flops are to be used as slippers or indoor shoes.

If you are using buttons with holes, it's easy. You can sew them onto your shoes.

Decorating your flip-flops is an inexpensive way to give your outfit a cool touch. Choose your buttons according to your mood: rhinestone buttons for evening wear, mother-of-pearl or shell buttons for a boho look, flower-shaped buttons for spring, heart-shaped buttons for a romantic meal, and wooden buttons for the beach.


cool things to put on shoes

Decorate a beach basket with buttons:

You will need:

- A large straw bag

- white spray paint

- white sewing thread

- A needle

- Glue


things to make with buttons

Paint your baskets white. Matte colors are always better for beach looks.

Choose your buttons according to your mood. For a bohemian look, choose wooden buttons. If you want a bag with an authentic beach look, I will choose anchor or starfish buttons.

The process is the same as for flip-flops. Cut the stems of the buttons or sew them onto the basket if your buttons have holes.

You can also wrap a ribbon around each handle or decorate the handle with a large colored pompom.


ideas for a beach basket

In conclusion,decorating with buttons can be a great way to add style and flair to any item. From clothing to home décor to accessories, the possibilities are endless. Happy creating!


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