How to Embellish your Hat

Spice Up a Tam Hat with Vintage Buttons

Spice Up a Tam Hat

with Vintage Buttons

Looking for the perfect slouchy hat to top off your winter outfits? Look no further than the tam hat! A good tam will round out your cold-weather wardrobe – plus, they’re fit for royalty! Tam hats are a classic and have been photographed on Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Diana. 


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Choose the Perfect Tam Hat

While the original tam hats (also known as the tam o’shanter) were naturally dyed wool caps worn by men in Scottland, these days tam caps are fashionable in womenswear and come in a variety of materials and colors.
You can find a great tam for almost any style! Looking for a more bohemian look? Go for a slouchy knitted hat in earthy tones like tan or forest green. Need a unique and elegant hat? Try a satin tam or a jewel-toned velvet or faux fur. Maybe you like a more classic, vintage style? Your perfect tam hat might be a wool tweed!
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How to Embellish your Hat (with vintage buttons!)

Once you’ve found your perfect tam cap – spice it up with some embellishments to really bring your own style to your hat! Vintage buttons are the perfect way to add some personality to your tam!
If your hat is a more relaxed, boho style – try adding two to four buttons in a vertical row to the band of the hat. These green vintage buttons might be perfect for your tam!
For a more sophisticated style, go with 10 or more small, fancy glass or pearl buttons and place them randomly a couple inches apart across the crown of the hat. These white vintage buttons would bring an elegant touch to your tam hat!
Want an off-beat look? Attach different sizes and shapes of buttons within the same color scheme around the top of the band of your hat. This set of assorted vintage buttons would be perfect!



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