Unusual glass buttons for fashion accessories


It's love at first sight with these unusual glass buttons for fashion accessories, crystal buckles, and unique clasps making

You will receive 2 buttons:
- Diameter:40 mm
- Blue, red, pink, white, white, forest green. Some of the stones have the Aurea Borealis effect.
- Unique shape like a star or sun.
- Cutting off the shanks of these buttons is an easy way to make unique cabochons, easy to glue onto rings or bracelets.
- These buttons are new but they're made using the traditional Czech technique for making glass buttons
- If you're into making hats, belts, bracelets, and necklaces, enjoy decorating photo frames or brightening up your home, these unusual buttons are for you.

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after payment has been received - barring exceptional situations.

Any questions? Don't be shy, just ask:)

Thank you for exploring these bright glass jewel buttons.

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