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Zaza of Canada

Red jeweled buttons with a shank

Red jeweled buttons with a shank

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Time to shine!

Take a closer look at these incredible and bright red jeweled buttons with a shank.

This listing is for 10 red buttons:
- From the Czech Republic.
- Colors: light green, orange, red, white ...
- Made from antique metal and bohemian Czech glass.
- For jewelry design and making, these buttons would be perfect for a cocktail charm bracelet. - Diameter: Approx: 1-inch; please check the photos.
- Cutting off the shanks of these buttons is an easy way to make unique cabochons, easy to glue onto rings or bracelets.

- These buttons are new but they're made using the traditional Czech technique for making glass buttons.


To sew a jeweled button, you will need the button, thread, a needle, and any additional embellishments you would like to add. Here are the basic steps for sewing the button:

  • Thread the needle and knot the end of the thread.

  • Position the button where you want it on the fabric, and push the needle through one of the holes on the button.

  • Push the needle through the fabric, catching a tiny bit of the fabric on the back of the button.

  • Repeat steps 2 and 3, going through the holes on the button until you have sewn through them.

  • Tie the thread off on the back side of the fabric.

  • Embellish the button by gluing or sewing additional embellishments, if desired.

It is also recommended to do a test run before committing to your final clothing project to ensure you are satisfied with how it looks.

It's essential to keep in mind that the fabric type and the needle type should be chosen accordingly.


 Any questions? Don't be shy, ask!

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Thank you for exploring this gorgeous lot of unique red jeweled buttons with a shank.

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