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Zaza of Canada

Black camellia fancy buttons

Black camellia fancy buttons

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If you're looking for a lovely, unique, and classic accessory to sew onto a bag, create a bracelet, or embellish a dress or jacket, you'll adore this set of five black camellia fancy buttons.


These decorative buttons are 23mm in diameter and shine with infinite brilliance. The back of the buttons is golden in color. These buttons have a loop at the back, allowing you to sew them onto your creative projects quickly. There are numerous possibilities for using these fancy buttons, and I'll mention a few here.


Here are five creative ideas for sewing black camellia flower shank buttons:

Little Black Dress Enhancement: Sew the black camellia flower buttons onto the neckline or along the hem of a little black dress to add a touch of elegance and uniqueness to a classic piece.

Chic Blazer Embellishment: Enhance the lapels or cuffs of a black blazer with the camellia flower buttons for a sophisticated and fashionable twist on professional attire.

Tote Bag Upgrade: Sew the buttons onto the front or straps of a black tote bag to transform it into a stylish accessory that stands out from the crowd.

Accessorized Bracelet: Incorporate the buttons into a black fabric bracelet by sewing them onto a fabric strip. This accessory can be a great addition to your wrist stack and adds a personalized touch.

Evening Clutch Glam: Add a touch of glamour to a black evening clutch by sewing the camellia buttons onto the front flap. This can create a striking contrast and make your clutch a statement piece.

You will receive five camellia buttons with a shank.
Black and gold colored.
Diameter 23 mm

Happy sewing!


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