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Czech glass buttons with a shank

Czech glass buttons with a shank

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A lot of two Czech glass buttons with a shank, for jewelry and making fancy dresses, costumes, and cocktail wear.
These jewel buttons are not just for sewing and the creative possibilities are endless: attachment for kurta and kaftan, embellishment for napkins, making hairpins and accessories, one-of-a-kind birthday gifts for a needlewoman or a sewing enthusiast...
Use these diamante buttons to make unique cabochons with ease. Each can be glued onto bracelets and rings easily. Made using a unique Czech technique, these decorative glass Buttons will stand the test of time and changing fashion trends


1 x 1 in | 25x25 mm


You are buying a lot of 2 buttons:
- Pastel colors: light yellow, pink, green, blue, and matte white.
- Glass stone shaped: marquise and round.
- With a shank with a strong metal base.

SHIPPING ~ Items are shipped within one business day after payment has been received - barring exceptional situations.

Any questions? Don't be shy, ask:)




Happy sewing!

These fancy buttons will get you all the compliments! 

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