Which earrings match the shape of your face?

Which earrings match the shape of your face?

Indeed, you may want to know which earrings match the shape of
your face?


Because, earrings are the perfect accessory to subtly transform the shape of your face.  

Their colors can accentuate the brightness of your eyes and the freshness of your complexion.

Their shapes can lengthen a face that is too round or softens a face that is too square.



best earrings for square face shape

There are no rules here, buy the earrings that make you happy!
Certainly, if I can give you some advice: choose earrings that
have a shape that's the opposite to that of your face.

In fact, earrings are as important as makeup or a haircut.


type of earrings for round face

If you have a round face, choose dangling earrings, elongated
shapes will always narrow your face.

earrings for round face

Avoid earrings that are too large or too round, because they will only make your face wider.

 best earrings for round face shape




earrings for round face shape

For square faces, it is best to wear round earrings, soft shapes, or rounded hoop earrings, as they will soften your jawline.

Drop-shaped earrings and hoops will be perfect for you. dangle earrings

earrings for square face


how to choose earrings
For heart-shaped faces, choose earrings that are the opposite of
your face shape, so earrings whose lower part is wider than the


how to make face look rounder




For rectangular faces, rounded earrings are ideal for softening
the features of your face.

clip on earrings for women



Ladies with oval faces are the big winners. All earrings look
good on you!

Earrings are a great accessory to enhance a look and brighten
your face.

Choose them according to your face shape,

but above all

follow your


earrings for your face shape

what shape earrings for your face
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