how to make a button wedding bouquet

How to Make a Button Wedding Bouquet

How to Make a Button Wedding Bouquet

Adding some DIY charm to your wedding décor is the perfect way to bring a unique, personalized feel to your wedding. Why not add your bouquet – and maybe your bridesmaids’ bouquets – to your list of pre-wedding DIY projects?

Alternative wedding bouquet idea: try buttons!

Traditional flower bouquets are beautiful – but doesn’t your wedding need something a little more unique and a touch of funkiness? Try making a cool vintage button bouquet to carry down the aisle!

“Buttons?” you say, “buttons aren’t pretty…” Well, I’m here to say that buttons can be fancy and elegant – use some gorgeous vintage glass buttons or rhinestone buttons and you’ll add some sparkle and glam to your wedding ceremony.

Plus, when you make your bouquet out of buttons, you won’t have a wilting vase of flowers on your mantle just a few short weeks after the wedding – your bouquet will last for years!



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What kind of buttons are best for a button wedding bouquet?

There are so many types of buttons out there – sew-through buttons, shank buttons, vintage buttons, rhinestone buttons, glass buttons, and more! So, what kind of buttons should you use in your wedding bouquet?

I recommend using a mix of different types of buttons that match your color scheme and wedding vibe. Try stacking sew-through buttons for a more 3D look and mixing in shank buttons and even beads. Add in a few big, statement buttons with some sparkle and shine, but don’t forget to fill in with a few plainer buttons so as not to take away the focus from your statement buttons.

Where to find vintage buttons for your button wedding bouquet?

Vintage buttons are a great way to go when sourcing buttons for your button bouquet – you’ll be able to add in unique, fancy buttons that can’t be found elsewhere.

So, where do you find vintage buttons for your bouquet?

First, try your local thrift shops – often they have a great selection of interesting vintage buttons. If you’re not finding all the buttons you need locally, you can get beautiful vintage buttons online! We have a range of vintage buttons in different shapes, sizes, and colors for you to choose from – you’ll find fancy rhinestone buttons, colored glass buttons, and anything in between.

What you’ll need to make a vintage button bouquet

Let’s get into the actual making of your beautifully funky button bouquet! But first, here’s what you’ll need.

  • Buttons! And lots of them.
  • 20 gauge florist wire
  • Green florist tape
  • Hot glue gun and glue
  • Ribbon, lace, or satin to wrap the handle
  • Anything else you want to add into your bouquet: feathers, beads, brooches, etc.

Step-by-step: how to make a button wedding bouquet

Making a vintage button bouquet is surprisingly easy – and you’ll have a lot of fun exercising your creativity muscles!

Step 1: Gather buttons for your vintage button bouquet

First, spend some time gathering buttons for your bouquet. This is likely going to be the most time-consuming part of the process, especially if you want unique and interesting buttons in different shapes and sizes.

Depending on the size of your bouquet, you could need anywhere from 50 buttons up to several hundred – it just depends on how much time you have on your hands to spend making your magnificent bouquet!

Step 2: Make your button “stems”

Next, you’ll need to make all your individual button “stems” for the bouquet.

To make a stem, cut a piece of wire about 24 inches long. Fold the wire in half, then thread a button onto it so that the button is at the folded end of the wire. You can stack multiple buttons onto the wire for a cool, textured look if you want.

Twist the wire around itself below the button to secure your button “bud” in place. Finally, wrap the stem with florist tape if needed to hide any pokey bits.

Repeat this process to form all the stems for your bouquet.

Step 3: Arrange your button bouquet

Once you’ve got all your button stems ready to go, it’s time for the real fun to begin – arranging your bouquet!

Arrange your button stems together in a cup or vase (or your hand). Take your time with this step to make sure you’re happy with the positions of all your stems. At this point, add in additional details like feathers, beads, or fake flowers.

Step 4: Wrap and decorate your bouquet handle

Once you’ve double and triple checked – and you’re sure you love the way your bouquet is arranged – it’s time to make the handle.

Simply wrap the base of your bouquet with florist tape to secure all the stems in place. Then, to cover the unsightly wires and tape, wrap the base of the bouquet in ribbon, a piece of satin, or a piece of lace. Use hot glue to secure your pretty new bouquet handle permanently.



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