Decorating Pumpkins with Buttons

Decorating Pumpkins with Buttons

decorating buttons with buttons

It’s pumpkin season – which means it’s time to figure out your fall décor, which will likely include a pumpkin or two!

Most people go for the standard jack-o’-lantern to spruce up their doorstep for fall – but why not go for something a little more creative this year?

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Decorating Pumpkins with Buttons


Instead of breaking out the kitchen knives, getting your hands covered in pumpkin guts, and attempting to carve an intricate design that ends up looking like a 3-year-old did it (at least that’s how mine always go!) - try decorating pumpkins with buttons! There are TONS of different colors, designs, sizes, and shapes of buttons so you can really incorporate your unique taste into your pumpkin design! Plus, it’s easier (and way less messy) than carving a pumpkin. To decorate your pumpkin with buttons, just break out your hot glue gun and glue each button into place with a dot of hot glue.


fall decor with buttons


Need some ideas for your button design? If you want to add some sparkly, luxurious vibes to your fall décor, try covering your pumpkin with fancy glass buttons for a jewel-encrusted look! Prefer something a little more offbeat and unusual looking? Try mixing and matching different sizes and shapes of buttons with a similar color palette to cover your pumpkin – the more varied the sizes of buttons the more dramatic the effect will be! Maybe you’d like a more minimal design? Try painting your pumpkin white or another solid color and dotting it with randomly placed buttons in a complementary color. If you’re feeling really artistic, you could try painting a design on your pumpkin and accentuating your design with some strategically placed buttons! Some ideas for your painting – a tree with buttons as the leaves, a spiderweb with buttons placed where the different lines of the web intersect, or a skull embellished with beautiful jewel-lookalike buttons. 
Really, just let your creativity flow!
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