Do you have a lined coat sitting around in your closet with a missing button? Or maybe you just never wear it because those buttons are just too boring? Thankfully, it’s easy (and fast!) to sew a beautiful shank button onto a lined coat. 



How to Sew a Shank Button onto a Lined Coat?

What will you need to sew a shank button onto a lined coat?

Here’s what you’ll need to sew your shank buttons onto your coat.

  • Shank button(s)
  • Lined jacket to attach the buttons to
  • Hand sewing needle
  • Thread matching the color of your coat
  • Scissors or thread snips

Step-by-step: sewing a shank button onto a lined coat

Here’s how to sew a shank button onto a lined coat.

  1. Thread your hand sewing needle with a double layer of thread about 4 inches long.
  2. Knot the two ends of thread together with a triple knot.
  3. Mark the button placement on the outside of your coat. You can mark with pins or a fabric marker.
  4. Insert the end of the needle into the fabric near the button mark, then push the end back through slightly to the other side of the button mark. Make sure you go through the outer fabric only, not the lining.
  5. Pull the knot taut to the fabric.
  6. Run the thread through the shank of the button.
  7. Insert the needle back into and then out of the outer fabric again, once again ensuring that you go only through the outer fabric.
  8. Go through the shank of the button again.
  9. Repeat this process 2 or 3 more times, then tie off and trim your thread tails.
  10. The result should be a button sewn to the outer fabric only – the lining will still be free inside the coat!