How to remove snap buttons 


Replacing plain or damaged snaps with fancy snap buttons can give your clothing a sparkly, special touch that will make you love putting it on and showing it off! But to add those glitzy new snaps, first you’ll have to take the old ones off – all while making sure you don’t damage your special jacket or vest! 

Thankfully, with the right technique removing snaps can be fast, easy, and painless! To remove the old snaps, all you’ll need is a small, thin flat-head screwdriver – you want to make sure it’s not a bulky screwdriver or you’ll have a lot more difficulty removing the snaps! 

Once you’ve rummaged through the toolbox in your garage and found the perfect screwdriver, set the piece of clothing you want to remove the snaps from on a sturdy table. This will help you to brace and hold the snap steady as you pry it off. Hold the first snap firmly in your non-dominant hand, resting it against the table. Then take the screwdriver in your dominant hand and gently slide the end of the screwdriver between the snap and the fabric. Gently wiggle the screwdriver to start loosening the snap, then slide the screwdriver around the snap, staying between the fabric and snap to loosen the snap all the way around. 


Next, flip the snap over and repeat the process for the other side of the snap. This should really get the snap loosened – try pulling it apart gently. If it still won’t come apart, flip it back over and repeat the process to loosen it even more until it will come apart. Just remember, the key is to be gentle and not force it apart. That way you can be sure you won’t damage the fabric of your beautiful garment!  


Then remove the rest of the snaps the same way and that’s all there is to it! Now go and put those beautiful, sparkly snaps on and enjoy your new favorite piece of clothing!